History of sdo valenzuela

The Schools Division Office – Valenzuela or simply DCS–Valenzuela is a subdivision of Department of Education mandated to supervise public and private elementary, and secondary(JHS/SHS) education in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Philippines

The SDO Valenzuela is located in Marulas Central School Compound, Pio Valenzuela St., Barangay Marulas. 

Valenzuela, as it is known today used to be called the old town of Polo, which was then an integral part of the province of Bulacan. A Living witness to this is the historical arch called “Arkong Bato” that separated the Rizal province from the province of Bulacan. This Landmark signified the entrance to the north of Luzon as commuters passed through the coastal road built by the Spaniards.

       The name of Valenzuela (now a city) was derived from a well-known revolutionary hero named Dr. Pio Valenzuela, in recognition of his exemplary contribution in helping Filipinos attain freedom during the Spanish War that started around 1896.

       Enhanced by its rich history, coupled with great endeavors and determination, the people of Valenzuela in its entirety can be likened to a proud eagle with its wings widely spread, soaring to greater heights to attain the pinnacle of its development. Its local leaders for some time thought that progress could be fast-tracked, hence Polo was divided into two towns through Executive Order No. 401 which was signed by the then Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia on July 21, 1960. The new town of Polo comprised the barangays in the northern part namely Poblacion, Palasan, Arkong Bato, Pariancillo Villa, Balangkas, Mabolo, Coloong, Malanday, Bisig, Tagalag, Rincon, Pasolo, Punturin, Bignay and Dalandanan. The new town of Valenzuela comprised the southern barangays: Karuhatan, Marulas, Malinta, Ugong, Mapulang Lupa, Canumay, Maysan, Paso de Blas, Bagbaguin and Torres Bugallon (now Gen. T. de Leon)

       After three years of administrating the two towns, however, the local government and their respective constituents realized that a division of Polo and Valenzuela was ill-advised and only resulted in underdevelopment instead of progress. Thus, on September 11, 1963, another law, Executive Order No. 46 was signed by then President Diosdado Macapagal; this declared the re-unification of the towns of Polo and Valenzuela, which led to the adoption of the name “Valenzuela” in respect to and to perpetuate the legacy of the great patriot, Dr. Pio Valenzuela. (Arenas, 2004)

       During the Marcos administration, Valenzuela was taken from the province of Bulacan and Region 3 and was included in the created MMDA (Metro Manila Development Authority) and the NCR (National Capital Region) that cut its ties with the Division of Malolos and was included in the CAMANAVA, the Division of City Schools-Caloocan with other two towns included namely: Malabon and Navotas.

       On June 1, 1994, the Division of Valenzuela, Malabon and Navotas was created along with other five divisions of NCR to correct imbalance in the supervisory control of the Division Superintendent as well as its closer coordination with the Local Government Units with Dr. Luis R. Santos as its first Schools Division Superintendent. The Division Office is located at the Marulas Central School Compound, Pio Valenzuela St., marulas, Valenzuela City.