Filing of Complaints

Who may file a complaint:

Any person who has a cause of action may file an administrative complaint against any of the following:

            a.) Non-teaching employee
            b.) Teaching/teaching related employee.

Where to file:

a.) Complaint against non-teaching employee = Division Office.
b.) Complaint against teaching/teaching related employee = Division Office or Regional Office.

What are the Requirements:

  1.  Verified Affidavit of Complaint in 4 copies containing the following:

           a.) Full name and address of the complainant
      b.) Full name and address of the person complained of, as well as his/her position and office in the Department of Education
          c.) A narration of the relevant and material facts which show the acts or omissions as allegedly committed by the person
          d.) Certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of his/her witnesses, if any.

2.  Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping




1File  the complaint along with the requirement at the  Division Office through the Records SectionReceive the complaint and other documents, if any.Within 10 minutesReceiving clerk/ authorized employee (Records Section)N/A
2Received the copy of dicuments/ complaint filedIssue the receiving copy of the complainant and forward to the Office of the Schools Division SuperintendentWithin 30 minutesReceiving clerk/ authorized employee (Records Section)

Legal Unit prepares actionable document
a. Endorse to the Regional office incase of administrative complaint against teaching/ non- teaching related DepEd officials

b. Proceed to investigate incase of non- teaching Personnel.

Within 1 day   
4Forward to ASDS’s Office for initial and returned to Schools Division  Superintendent for signing of endorsement incase of complaint against teaching personnel.Within 2 daysLegal Assistant
5Return to the Legal Unit for photocopying and to complete attachments if any.Within 1 dayAdmin Assistant II (SDS) Sec.)
6Forward to Records Section for releasing (Note: Complaint against teaching personnel shall be endorsed to the Regional Office))Within 1 dayRecords Officer