How to Apply as Teacher

Requirements for Senior HighSchool Applicants

Mandatory requirements for all applicants:

1. Letter of intent which shall indicate the following information:

   a. statement of purpose/expression of interest

   b. Track(s)/Stand(s)/Subject(s) applying for

   c. preferred school(s),if any

2.CSC form 212,revised 2005 (personal data sheet) in two (2) copies with the latest 2×2 ID picture

3. Certified photocopy of certificates of relevant specialized trainings, if any

4. Certified copy of voters Id and/or any proof of residency

5. National bureau of investigation(NBI) Clearance

6. Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant

Additional requirements for permanent full-time positions:

1.  Certified photocopy of diploma on bachelor’s degree

2. Certified photocopy of transcript of records with    at least 15 units of specialization in relevant strand/specialized subject

3. Certified photocopy of professional regulation commission(PRC) professional ID card/certificate     of registration/license, if available

4. Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the licensure examination for teachers(LET/professional board examination for teachers(PBET),if available


  • 20 years teaching experience or
  • 20 MA units & 1 year teaching experience
  • School Indorsement letter/Transmittal
  • Letter of Application for ERF’s evaluation
  • ERF Forms (with Principal’s Signature under Performance Rating)
  • Sworn Statement with Documentary Stamp
  • Latest Performance Rating Form
  • Service Record
  • Permit to Study (Original and certified true copy)
  • Transcript of Records (Basic and Masters) (Original and certified true copy)
  • Service Record from other Division (if any)
  • Latest Pay slip (certified true copy)