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Interaction between teacher and students through a network helps resolve communication barriers and connects them to the real world. Access to a computer and internet connection removes the physical limits as well as time constraints of the school environment. ClassNet allows students and teachers to exchange information through Electronic mail (e-mail), participate in online classes and access information from each other.

File Transfer allows teachers and students to send and receive files and documents through ClassNet referred to as downloading or/and uploading files which can be used to further enhance the learning experience.

Online Classes make it possible for students and teachers to collaborate lessons and assignments by sharing information without having to be in close proximity. Teachers can create online classes and manage student activities including lessons, assignments, projects and any other activities in-between.

School Statistics helps by displaying significant data in a well-organized manner to aid in assessing topics/ lessons according to the student’s response to those topics. School Statistics can also be narrowed down to fit the needs of the teacher and help the students to focus on learning challenging topics.

Timeline keeps track of activities, projects, assignments in a more interactive and accessible way by displaying each information in an easy and well-organized manner.

Messaging is an essential tool for communication to build teacher-student relationship inside ClassNet through announcements of the teacher and students. Likewise, students can ask for clarifications on diverse topics, exchange information and interact through the use of Messaging.

Quipper Apps serves as a collection of tools that can be used by the teacher and students to help and support them to further streamline the process of various tasks.

News brings updates to various contents of different schools in a quick glance for students and teachers. It can be easily accessed inside ClassNet.